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The Secrets To Turning Adversity Into An Asset

The principles outlined in the book come from the first-hand experience in dealing with some of the toughest adversity one could face – a devastating accident at 12 years old left Stacey Copas quadriplegic and needing a wheelchair for mobility for the rest of her life.

There was no textbook theory, fluff or hype that got her to where she is now, just real world, practical, in the trenches principles that got her from rock bottom to succeeding in business, sport and life and in this book they have been laid them out in the easiest way possible so now you can apply them in your life too.

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Brian Tracy says:

“This wonderful, warm, inspiring book shows you how to overcome any obstacle, and bounce back from every setback.
It can change your philosophy of life.”

Layne Beachley AO says:

“Becoming the most successful surfer in history and paving the way for future generations required me to adapt to the ebbs and flows of life and its challenges.
Adversity and setbacks tested my character, hunger, work ethic and my resilience. If you want to know how to use resilience to accelerate your success, you must
read this book.”

Jack Delosa says:

“Stacey has de-codified the art of human happiness in providing a roadmap for the greatest quest of all, overcoming adversity.
In speaking from her own experience of the ultimate human trial, Stacey holds your hand on your own personal journey to happiness.”


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